Together for a Healthy Society

Involvement in the Response, Areas of Interventions and Target groups

# RNGOF on HIV/AIDS&HP Members’ Involvement in the Response
1. HIV
2. TB
3. Malaria
4. NTDs/NCDs
# RNGOF on HIV/AIDS&HP Members’ Areas of Interventions:
1. Prevention
2. Care & treatment
3. Human rights
5. Research
6. RMNCAH :Reproductive ,Maternal, Newborn, Child , Adolescent Health
7. Social Protection : Impact Mitigation, Mituelle de Sante & Girinka (One Cow Per Family Program), Food Security, Social Support and Nutrition
9. Advocacy
10. Youth Empowerment
# RNGOF on HIV/AIDS&HP Members’ Target Groups:
1. People living with HIV
2. People who use drugs
3. MSMs
4. Young people in school
5. Young Women at risk
6. Most vulnerable children
7. Female Sex Workers
8. Prisoners
9. Refugees
10. Workplace
11. Young people out of school
12. PWDs
13. General population
14. Health care workers &Community Health Care Workers
Eradication of all barriers that could compromise the behaviour change of Rwandan population by way of which men, women and children are protected from HIV/AIDS and PLWHA are able to partake in the same rights as all citizens. ×
To promote, coordinate, monitor and evaluate activities of NGOs engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Rwanda, Networking and advocacy for civil society involvement in all HIV/AIDS program and policy development in order to improve the living conditions of the affected communities ×
Increase civil society capacity to implement effective community responses on HIV & AIDS, Malaria, TB and non communicable diseases ; Strengthen communities' influence in national programming and in national and international policies; Strengthen the NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS as a partnership of strong national linking organizations for health promotion; Enhance the capacity of members and other stakeholders to effectively respond to HIV & AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, and non communicable diseases and their impact Enhance greater participation of members and other stakeholders to advocate for development and implementation of policies on HIV & AIDS, Malaria, TB and non communicable diseases Increase access to resources by members through mobilization, grant making and management Increase access to resources by members through mobilization, grant making and accountability ×
Rwanda NGO Forum on HIV/AIDS upholds the following guiding principles: Respect, transparency and accountability; Information dissemination; Anti-stigma and discrimination; Time management; Commitment and good governance; Civil Society commitment to National and international declarations. ×