Adopt a new statute of RNGOF on HIV/AIDS &HP and Election for conflict resolution organ

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This conflict resolution organ was elected during the Extra-Ordinary General Assembly held at Hotel Chez Lando on Friday 05th April 2013.

The assembly was organized by Rwanda NGOs Forum on AIDS and Health Promotion and it has 2 objectives:

1. Approve and sign the new Legal Statute of RNGOF
2. Elect the Conflict Resolution organ

In its opening remarks, the Chairperson of RNGOF on HIV/AIDS &HP Dr KANANI Prince Bosco explained the advantages of current statute RNGOF modification according to the law nº 04/2012 of February 17th, 2012 governing the organization and functioning of National Non-Governmental Organizations. He recommended a strong participation for this modification.

After reading the statute, all members exchanged ideas and they decided to amend the statute of RNGOF on HIV/AIDS&HP adopted on July 28th, 2009 and published in the Official Gazette n° 36 of September 6th 2010. Remember that the legal status was granted with Ministerial order N° 77/08.11 of July 07th 2010 in accordance with the law nº 20/2000 of July 26th, 2000 regulating non-profit making organizations. They also signed the new statute with official notification.

The conflict resolution organ was elected like this:

  1. President: IRAKIZA Isaac
  2. Vice president: MUSORE Innocent
  3. Secretary: UMULISA Marie Michelle
  4. Adviser: Muneza Sylvie
  5. Adviser: Ntagara Innocent

To close the meeting, the chairperson of RNGOF on HIV/AIDS&HP thanked the participants for their commitment to adopt the new statute of the Forum and he thanked also the elected committee and encouraged them to fulfill their duties.

Presentation for Reading and modification of statute

Candidates for Conflict Resolution organ