Rwanda will be the Host of the 20th Edition of ICASA.

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From 30th to 31st May 2018, Rwanda NGOs forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion participated in a workshop on CSOs sustainability, Policy and Advocacy, and Resource Mobilization to ensure organizational efficiency and effectiveness of CSOs. The workshop was organized by RGB and it took place from Golden TULIP Hotel, Nyamata District

1st International Steering Committee meeting in Kigali-Rwanda

After discussion on the agenda, group work were done and the following were agreed on:
1. Theme and objectives of the 20th edition of ICASA were finalized and endorsed:
Innovation, Community, and Political Leadership
ICASA 2019 Objectives:
• Promote Community, scientific, and technological innovations for ending AIDS
• Advocate for Financing, sustainable national health responses, political leadership and accountability
• Advocate for strengthened health systems and multi sectoral collaboration to integrate co-morbidities, emerging infections and NCDs;
• Rethink gender norms, human-rights based approaches and inclusion towards equitable and accessible HIV and AIDS services including Key Populations
• Promote youth-driven and youth-friendly approaches for and AIDS-Free generation
2. An appropriate logo for the ICASA 2019 from the shortlisted logos was selected
3. ICASA 2019 draft plenary session topics and speakers were proposed

Picture with ICASA 2019 Theme, Objectives and Logo

RNGOF on HIV/AIDS & HP participated in a workshop conducted by RGB-and UNDP consultants for all guarantees of the project: “Strengthening Civil Society Organizations for Responsive and Accountable Governance” targeting senior Managers and Executives.

Participants attended the workshop organized by RGB through UNDP support


Annual Needs Assessment and National Consultative Dialogue on Health Policy in East Africa

Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion participated in a consultative meeting held at The Grand Legacy Hotel in Kigali on 1st October 2018 and sponsored by EAHP (East African Health Platform) an advocacy forum for Private Sector Organizations (PSOs), Civil Society organizations CSOs), faith Based Organizations FBOs) and other interest groups working on health in East Africa along side SHAPE (Strengthening Health Access & Policies in East Africa) and SPECTARIS a German industry association for the high-tech medium-sized business sector and representative body in the areas of medical technology, optical technologies and analytical, biological, laboratory, and ophthalmic devices .
The dialogues objectives were :

       • How best EAHP can involve the private sector in health promotion
       • How health can show a significant impact among other country priorities
       • How to encourage policy makers to sit and have relevant and fruitful discussions on how best to engage in health for all.
       • Which bigger areas to engage in the next five years and discuss on concrete strategies.

The roles of EAHP include:
        • Interest representation
        • Coordination and Networking
        • Linkage to the East African Community
        • Support for growth (Majorly for its members)
EAHP has a regional advocacy agenda as one of its major priorities for its current and future partners in the private sector. EAHP is set to register in each country in the East African Community so as to engage non state actors more still encourage nations to act on health priorities with vigor by ensuring they are fully financed and that they reach everyone.
EAHP wants to learn from other umbrellas in Rwanda, share ideas and experiences since all partners are treated equal. EAHP CEO also pointed out on the priority of orienting on consultative dialogue framework to discuss on which bigger areas to engage in the next five years (2019-2023). For the EAHP a successful partnership with CSOs and private sector to yield significant results, there should be a strong element of trust, confidence and accountability. For stronger country and regional partnerships, EAHP will always meet and report to the Secretary General of the EAC so as to highlight what partners in the EACs are doing in the health sector alongside their government health ministries , in the long run EAHP wil be able to garner advocacy on a wide range of health issues, solicit for funds from potential state and regional as well as international donors through fundraising drives.

EAHP highlighted its Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) that it would wish to include all the partners and the TWGs include:
         • Registration of Health Professionals
         • Health systems and policy
         • Non-Communicable and Communicable Diseases
         • Medicine, food safety and health technology
         • SRH& HIV/AIDS/STDs.
EAHP pointed out that it will carry out an annual planning workshop in November 2018 to discuss and plan on the relevant comprehensive health priorities and how best to involve partners and non state actors nationally and regionally.

EAHP team on a visit to RNGOF Office