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Rwanda NGOs on Health and Rights

Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion
A National Network of 139 Local NGOs committed directly or indirectly to Fighting against HIV/AIDS and Promoting Health in Rwanda.
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Paper crown Rwanda
Paper Crown Rwanda is a feminist, non-profit organization in Rwanda, that works with youth to transform gender norms, foster leadership and create lasting social change.
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Save Generations Organization
Save Generations Organization (SGO) is a Rwandan development Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2015 dedicated to promote and advocate for children and women’s rights in order to prepare, empower and equip the future generations.
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Rwanda Young Women’s SRHR Network
The Rwanda Young Women SRHR network is an inclusive network that gathers young women led organizations including Civil Society Organization and social enterprise that works to Promote women’s rights and advocate for SRHR advancement of women and girls in Rwanda.
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Empower Rwanda
Empower Rwanda is a Women’s Rights NGO which inclusively & holistically supports the most vulnerable women & youth who are victims of GBV.

Kosmotive is a social enterprise that focus on manufacturing reusable feminine hygiene products and digitally increasing access to menstrual hygiene management information to contribute to ending period poverty in Rwanda and throughout Africa

Afro Ark
Afro Ark is a young women led non-governmental organization contributing towards promoting gender equality, accessibility to (SRHR), Protection against Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV), and realization of rights and reduction of economic distress among women and girls through advocacy, capacity building, and social support.


Girl’s Leaders Forum
Girls’ Leaders Forum Rwanda (GLF) is a Local Non- Government Organization that unites all Girls’ Leaders in Universities and Higher Learning Institutions and secondary school in Rwanda dedicated to girls’ empowerment and to combine their efforts in order address different challenges that are related to Leadership, ASRHR and economic empowerment in their respective institutions and community.

Impanuro Girls Initiative
Impanuro Girl’s Initiative young women-led Rwandan non-governmental organization, striving to improve women and girls’ lives through education, capacity building, counselling, socio-economic empowerment and advocacy to ensure a healthy and dignified lifestyle.

I Matter Initiative
I Matter Initiative is a youth-led organization (NGO) registered under Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), dedicated to eradicating period poverty and the stigma attached to menstruation in Rwanda. We intentions to ending period poverty in Rwanda and destigmatize menstruation through providing skills in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Menstrual Hygiene Management

Hope For Single Mothers with Disabilities
Hope for Single Mothers with Disability (HSMD) is a Nongovernmental organization that seeks to address the needs and concerns of single mothers and girls with disabilities through advocacy, awareness raising, capacity building, economic empowerment and cultural enhancement activists.

Health Development Initiative
HDI advocates for and supports, inclusive, health friendly services for everyone regardless of their social, economic, cultural or any other status.
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Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights Development
GLIHD vision is to see the Great Lakes region where human rights are fairly respected and enjoyed
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Ihorere munyarwanda organisation
IMRO works towards the vision as a national organization of excellence in harmonization and synergy of a healthy society.
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Strive foundation Rwanda
SFR strives to provide sustainable social welfare and economic empowerment, integration and development for vulnerable groups across the country
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Society for Family Health
SFH uses evidence based social behavior change communication to empower Rwandan communities to choose and adopt healthier lifestyles.
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Imbuto Foundation
We engage, educate and empower our communities for a sustainable change.
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FXB Rwanda
A local NGOs that empowers Vulnerable families in Rwanda.
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