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Rwanda Non-Government Organizations working in the Justice Sector will participate in a two-days CSOs Exhibition that will take place at Petit Stade Parking Area- AMAHORO STADIUM-Remera from July 30th to 31st, 2019.

The annual 2 days Exhibition on CSOs activities in Justice and Human Rights is in line with a project “Strengthening Rwandan Civil Society Organizations’ Capacity to Influence Policy” that is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands and was organised by Rwanda NGOs Forum in Collaboration with members of Coalition who are implementing partners: Great Lakes Initiative for Human Rights and Development (GLIHD), Health Development Initiative (HDI), and Ihorere Munyarwanda Organization (I M R O) with the support of JRLOS Secretariat in the Ministry of Justice.

The 2-day-exhibition is an opportunity to enhance sector capacity and coordination for the community to benefit from services provided by CSOs in the Justice and Human Rights Sector. CSOs will present their area of interest and intervention in service delivery component for the public to learn about their work.

It was proven that citizen Access to justice would be increased with added efforts to sensitize them about the laws that affect them, their rights, and the services offered by different Legal Aid Providers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are regarded as a non-state justice service providers and they play a significant role and have important historical status or a high degree of community legitimacy. They make justice more accessible, cheaper, faster, more transparent and fairer for communities and individuals as opposed to classical justice delivery modes.

Justice sector is conceived as a domain where all the agencies and actors, both state and non-state are involved in the provision, management and oversight of justice. It varies in each national setting with different legal and political systems, as well as norms, culture and historical traditions that affect exactly how the justice sector is composed and how it functions. From the perspective of non-state actors and organizations with an interest in promoting higher standards of justice provision could also be included in the justice sector because they provide public oversight: these include community authorities, civil rights advocates, women’s organizations, civil society organizations, unions and professional associations, academic and research institutions and media among others.

    Specific Objectives

  • To ensure that the public has sufficient and accurate information about the work of CSOs in the Justice Sector and Human Rights.
  • To ensure the CSOs get closer to citizens and enlighten them on their rights and are informed where to easily access justice services.
  • To improve partnership between CSOs working in the Justice Sector and the Media for increased Visibility

Stakeholders to participate in the CSOs Exhibition include Public Institutions in JRLOs and Development Partners who will take the opportunity to visit the Exhibition stands of Local CSOs in the Justice Sector. CSO activities shall also be attended by interested local residents in Kigali City. The Media will be available to cover the event. The mode of Exhibition may be in form of leaflets & Brochures; Displays; Videos/ screening; Audios, Banners, Presentations and any other innovative way to show case the CSO activities.

Legal services will be provided on ground by exhibitors.