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The world came together to commemorate the International Day of the African Child On June 17th 2023, a day dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of children across the African continent. Under the theme “The Right of the Child in the Digital Environment,” this year’s celebration took on profound significance as it delved into the evolving challenges and opportunities that the digital world presents to young minds.

In the lovely island of Nkombo in Rusizi district, western province, a heartwarming celebration unfolded in partnership with the National Human Rights Commission, Strive Foundation Rwanda, and the Rwanda NGOs Forum on HIV/AIDS and Health Promotion. Against the backdrop of serene landscapes and vibrant community spirit, this event brought together local leaders, organizations, and general communities to foster awareness and action for the betterment of young lives.

In the lead-up to the celebration day, Strive foundation Rwanda provided safe homes to child-headed households in Nyamasheke on the 16th June 2023. Recognizing the challenges that these households face, especially in ensuring their basic needs are met, this initiative aimed to equip them with necessary house equipment for a fresh start. This act of solidarity was conducted.

Undoubtedly, nutrition stands as a cornerstone of a child’s development; this gesture was accompanied by a crucial reminder to parents about the paramount role of nutritious diets in the holistic physical and cognitive growth of their children.

The event’s emphasis on digital literacy and responsible online behavior echoed the urgent need for a balanced approach to technology in a rapidly evolving world.