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In a significant stride towards fostering positive change in Rwanda, the Rwanda NGOs Forum recently hosted a two-day dynamic capacity-building session in September 2023, focused on Project Management and Resource Mobilization. The event aimed to equip member organizations with essential knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to design projects and effectively secure and manage resources.

The forum witnessed an enthusiastic participation of dedicated individuals eager to enhance their expertise in project design, proposal writing, resource mobilization, and building robust stakeholder relationships.

The outcome was not only enriching discussions and insightful presentations but also the acquisition of vital skills that will propel the collective goal of a Healthy Society forward.

Certificates were awarded to participants as a testament to their commitment and newfound proficiency in these critical areas. These skills serve as the bedrock for creating impactful projects, ensuring their sustainable management, and mobilizing the necessary resources for their execution.

The Rwanda NGOs Forum’s endeavor goes beyond a mere event; it embodies a commitment to sustainable progress and development, by investing in the capacity building of its members. The ripple effect of this capacity-building event is expected to be felt across communities, as member organizations apply their enhanced skills and knowledge to drive meaningful change. Through well-designed projects and strategic resource mobilization, these organizations are poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of Rwandans, ultimately contributing to the broader vision of a thriving, healthy society.

As we look ahead, the Forum’s commitment to capacity building remains unwavering, poised to continue making strides towards a healthier, more prosperous Rwanda.