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From 20th -22nd July 2023; Nyarugenge district witnessed a three-day open day event hosted by the Joint Action Development Forum in Nyarugenge whereby the Rwanda NGOs Forum is as an active member, focused on raising awareness and showcasing interventions related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV. The event is organized as part ofE the “Solutions for Supporting Healthy Adolescents” program supported by the European Union, highlighting the importance of addressing the reproductive needs and rights of young people and women in Rwanda.

The Rwanda NGOs Forum, a collaborative forum of non-governmental organizations working towards a healthier society, has been at the forefront of promoting comprehensive SRHR education and services for adolescents across the country. With a deep commitment to ensuring a healthy future for young people, Members of the forum organizations namely Ihorere Munyarwanda organizations, Impanuro Girls Initiative, Medical Students Association, Poor Women Development, AVEGA Agahozo, Society for Family Health and Health Development Initiative embarked on various initiatives to empower and educate attendeeson crucial topics such as sexual health, reproductive rights, and HIV prevention.

The three-day open day event served as an opportunity for the Rwanda NGOs Forum to share its initiatives, providing a platform for open discussions, information sharing, and interactive sessions. By engaging directly with the community, the organization aims to break the silence surrounding SRHR and HIV, creating an enabling environment whereby young people can access accurate information and support they need.

The Rwanda NGOs Forum’s open day event is a testament to the collective efforts being made to ensure that young people have access to accurate information, resources, and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.